Elkhart Monitors

Elkhart Monitors

The EXM2™ system includes an integrated Wi-Fi server within the monitor control module. This provides secure access to the EXM2 browser page for simple, intuitive configuration of the monitor and controllers when required. Connecting to the monitor via Wi-Fi also allows you to set travel limits, keep out zones and retrieve diagnostic information, all from a Wi-Fi capable tablet or laptop.

With a small swing radius and low stow height, the BrushHawk™ is the most compact monitor in its class. It’s perfect for limited bumper space on brush and wildland trucks while also improving field of vision. Utilizing CANbus control, the BrushHawk comes with a proportional joystick controller that provides monitor controls for up/down/left/right and nozzle fog/stream controls. The joystick also includes on/off and trigger control for the optional valve kit. No intermediate junction box is required between the joystick and monitor, streamlining installation and space requirements.

Stinger 2.0 is a dual-purpose, break-apart monitor for use as a deck gun or portable monitor. Numerous truck adapter and portable base options are available to suit every need. In portable mode, five forged aluminum legs with self-adjusting, carbide-tipped ground spikes increase stability. The lightweight Stinger 2.0 is the most flow-efficient in its class with a friction loss reducing 3-3/8″ vaned waterway. Other features include a by-passable safety stop at 35° above horizontal, a patented monitor to base latching mechanism that provides visual indication of status, rotation lock mechanism which provides positive left/right lock with visual indication, a fully enclosed stainless steel worm gear, a liquid-filled pressure gauge, safety strap attached with storage pouch, and a carrying handle.

The Elkhart Brass Industrial monitor portfolio offers a wide range of solutions for industrial fire suppression applications as well as mining and washdown applications. Elkhart Brass Industrial monitors are designed for use in several vertical markets including Oil and Gas, Mining and Construction, Waste-to-Energy and Washdown markets. Most Elkhart Brass Industrial Monitors are FM Approved and CE Certified.

The Electric Extender deploys in 10 seconds and extends a full 18″ (457 mm) above the pump house. It is designed to flow in both the raised and lowered positions.

Available in both 12″ (305 mm) and 18″ (457 mm) options, the Manual Extender provides full 360° operation in either full-up or full-down position. The integrated lock prevents unintended collapse of the Extender, protecting the operator from harm.

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