Lifting Bags

Lifting Bags
The next generation lifting bags Even stronger, even higher
S.Tec Lifting Bags (12 bar / 174 psi)
The next generation of high-pressure lifting bags50% more performance*
2.5 cm (0.98 inch) insertion height
up to 102 tons (112 US tons) lifting power
Maximum lifting power & hight laterally readable
The next generation of high-pressure lifting bags.Vetter has further optimised the popular mini lifting bags to create a new generation of lifting bags: Vetter S.Tec lifting bags master every rescue operation with ease.Amazingly flat and uniquely powerful. Its dynamic 12-bar lifting power makes it the most impressive lifting bag on the market.With an insertion height of only 2.5 cm (0.98 inch), our S.Tec lifting bag fits in even the narrowest gaps and openings.Thanks to its intelligent surface profile, you can safely stack two bags and laterally read the maximum lifting power and lifting hight.You want a set of lifting bags perfectly tailored to your requirements? Just ask us. We’ll be pleased to advise you* when compared with conventional 8 bar (116 psi) lifting bags of the same size
Your choice:

  • 14 different lifting bag sizes (square or rectangular shaped) with lifting power up to 102 tons (112 US tons)
  • 4 controllers (2 deadman versions, 2 fitting)
  • many different compressed air sources including compressed air cylinder, compressor, compressed air connection on vehicles
Connectable Bags C.Tec 12 174 psi
  • Singly or combined – safe in every operation
  • Worldwide unique, comprehensive certified system
  • Uncomplicated and simple
  • Toolless connection technologyVetter Connectable Bags C.Tec 12 are the perfect solution to react rapidly in critical situations. They combine the lifting power of the Mini lifting bag and the lifting height of the known Vetter 1 bar lifting bag. This gives you the variability to react flexible on different heights. Thanks to the toolless connection technology, the bags are ready for action within seconds. Only Vetter has certified its  connection technology by an independently institute.The integrated load plate guarantees a high level of stability and load-bearing capacity during the lifting process. The lifting of point loads and objects with sharp or pointed surfaces is possible without additional adapters.
  • You have the following selection:
  • Are you looking for a lifting-bag set which is perfectly coordinated to your requirements? Contact us. We will be glad to advise you!
  • The next generation! More power, even safer, of course Vetter
  • 3 different lifting-bag sizes
  • 4 control devices (2 deadman versions, 2 fitting)
  • Many different compressed air sources, e.g. compressed air bottle, compressor, compressed air connection to the vehicle
Mini lifting bags (8 bar / 116 psi)
Versatile applicable
Safety coupling
Insertion heights as low as 2.5 cm (0.98 inch)
Quality – made in Germany 

The proven standard worldwide. Especially strong: Several layers of aramid make our pneumatic mini lifting bags very sturdy and long-lasting.
Thanks to their low insertion height, our pneumatic mini lifting bags enable you to free injured persons quickly and smoothly. Lift even heaviest loads in a single smooth movement! Vetter’s mini lifting bags demonstrate their versatility on the job: use them to lift, push, press, prise or split as the situation demands – safely and reliably even on difficult inclines. The optimised surface profile on Vetter’s mini lifting bags masters even slippery surfaces such as sand or grass without any problems. The special safety coupling prevents unwanted disengagement of the hose from the pneumatic lifting bag.
Rectangular shaped lifting bags: proven rescue tools for use in operations
Rectangular shaped lifting bags offer several practical advantages. With their low insertion height, they fit into the narrowest of cracks and gaps. With their rectangular shape, they can be pushed especially far into narrow openings. Also, if you need a large contact area, rectangular shaped lifting bags are your first choice. For example, you can safely and efficiently raise a truck frame with a rectangular shaped lifting bag due to its special shape.

Ultra flat bags (8 bar / 116 psi)

Flexible in use

  • Insertion height only 1.6 cm (0.6 inch)
  • Ready to use in seconds
  • An indispensable tool

The unbeatably flat first-aider
With their super-flat insertion height of only 1.6 cm (0.6 inch), Vetter ultra flat bags are the ideal first-aider at the rescue site, fitting into the smallest of gaps. They exert their strength in the most confined spaces and make room for other rescue tools. Thanks to their low air requirement and extreme ease of use, Vetter ultra flat bags are ready to use in seconds. In short: an indispensable tool in a wide range of situations

Wedge lifting bags 14.5 psi

Smooth and precise at bus accidents.Uniform pressure distribution
Safe operation
For thin-walled coachwork
Wedge-shaped for optimum lift angle
Smooth and precise at bus accidents.
At bus accidents, your emergency personnel must cope with many injured persons at once, and seconds make the difference between life and death. The special shape of Vetter’s wedge lifting bags provides an optimum lift angle. Free trapped passengers quickly from overturned busses.

Thanks to the wedge-shaped bags, the load is distributed uniformly over the entire lifting distance. With their ideal pressure distribution, the pneumatic bags are perfectly suited to lift thin-walled coachwork such as the side walls of buses. In doing so, they maintain continuous and secure contact with both the coachwork and the underlying surface.

Lifting bags (1 bar / 14.5 psi)

  • High stability
  • Minimal pressure point loading
  • Lifting height up to 127 cm (50 inch)
  • Insertion height only 3 cm (1.2 inch)

Versatile classic with great lifting height.

Our classic pneumatic lifting bag has proven itself in 40 years of service. Trust in handwork made in Germany and rely on the pneumatics professionals.
Internal stabilising straps keep the pneumatic lifting bag from bulging and provide a flat contact area over the entire lifting height. Vetter lifting bags are distinguished by an ideal pressure distribution.
In effect, they can also lift thin-walled coachwork such as lorries, vans or small airplanes without damaging them. On soft or slippery surfaces, the clever anti-slip dimples on the extremely tough top and bottom sides provide a firm hold.

Air CU deadman
The first controller to light up the night.2
1. made for use with Vetter lifting bags
2. increased convenience and new design
3. illuminated version
4. complies with EN 13731:2008The first controller to light up the night.

To make sure night-time does not become an obstacle, we have now developed the first control unit that light up the night for you.

With illuminated manometers and LEDs on the control panel and on the back, you gain full control even in the dark!
Our new Air CU delights with its comfortable handling and a new design. The integrated and sturdy carrying handles ease every movement and the improved strap balances the control unit in an optimal operating position. With the new input manometer, you will never lose sight of the input and output pressure.

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