Sealing & Controlled Drainage

Sealing and controlled Drainage
Leak drainage bags

Leak drainage bags (1.5 bar / 21.75 psi)

  • Sealing and drainage
  • Sealing area of 50 x 30 cm (20 x 12 inch)
  • For containers with min. diameter of 50 cm (20 inch)
  • Up to 1 bar (14.5 psi) counterpressure
    Simple sealing and drainage of hazardous substances.
    Reliably seal leaks and drain off hazardous substances at the same time.
    Reliably seal leaks and safely drain hazardous substances with the acid drain hose. Vetter leak drainage bags are the ideal solution when substances cannot be drained via the normal opening, or if this can only be done with considerable technical effort, e.g. in the case of high-up discharge openings on tanks or a pump failure. As Vetter leak drainage bags are tensioned with belts, they can be used on many kinds of surfaces. The bags are quick and easy to inflate using a foot pump. Only a few strokes of the pump are required to seal the leak.
Vacuum leak drainage bag

Autonomous and ultra-speedy drainage of hazardous substances

Attaches itself quickly to surface
No attachment belts required
Drainage space with 20 cm (8 inch) diameter
For large containers and storage tanks

Autonomous and ultra-speedy drainage of hazardous substances.
Let the power of the vacuum work for you. Vetter vacuum leak drainage bags seal leaks on clean, smooth and slightly curved surfaces in seconds. Without the need for tension belts! Avoiding time-consuming preparatory measures, they allow you to take immediate action in an emergency. The intelligent bag attaches itself to the liquid or gas leak area by creating negative pressure and utterly seals the leak. The round Vetter vacuum leak drainage bags are designed for optimum flow and they drain dangerous liquids safely and quickly.

Flange drain bag

Perfect fit for safe drainage at flanges.

  • Completely covers the flange
  • For lots of pipe connections
  • For DN 50 (50 mm/1.9 inch) to DN 100 (100 mm/3.9 inch)
  • Sealing pressure of 1 bar (14.5 psi
    Perfect fit for safe drainage at flanges.
    Problems with leaky pipe connections? Make the task of sealing difficult leaks on all types of flanges easier for your team. Flanges are critical pipe sections and conventional sealing bags will rarely be effective here. Vetter flange drain bags cover the flange and pipe, reliably stop the leakage of hazardous liquids and at the same time allow you to drain off the liquid in a controlled and safe manner. The bags come in three sizes to cover all customary pipelines and flanges. Gel plates are included for convenient smoothing out of minor irregularities and unevenness on the pipe’s surface.It couldn’t be simpler:
    Place the bag around the flange and pipe, close the zip fastener along the entire length of the bag and inflate the sleeves. Immediately, everything is sealed and you can commence with controlled drainage of the liquid.
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