Pneumatic tents & showers

Pneumatic Tents and Showers 
Universal Tents 
–>Immediately ready to use
–>Extensive standard features
–>Useable area 12 m² to 40 m² (130 to 430 sq. ft.)
–>20 m² (216 sq. ft.) set up in just 1 minute
Your pneumatic tent for all kinds of operations.

Vetter universal tents were developed especially for fire brigades. The tents are designed to need especially little time and personnel for transport, setup and takedown.

Benefit from these features of our tents:
self-erecting support frame

–>low weight,
–>small folded size
–>ease of use
With our pneumatic tents, you can quickly set up protective space for colleagues or injured persons. Use the velcro fasteners to connect tents quickly and easily to other tents or directly with containers.

Vetter universal tents are suited to a wide variety of uses such as living quarters for large-scale operations, triage facilities, or decontamination measures. For the latter, you can add Vetter shower units to all our tents.

Your pneumatic tent for quick operations:
–>Only 2 people needed for setup, ready for use in less than three minutes

–>Flexible, mobile and easy to use
–>Long time of use independent of electricity
–>One-piece system in a single package – no loose parts
For optimum performance in the field, Vetter tents are
equipped with extensive features – even in the basic version

Decontamination Tent PZ 17 2 L 

–> Operational in only 5 minutes

–> For up to 4 persons simultaneously

–> Gender-specific room division

–> Combination of shower and dressing roo

Decontamination tent PZ 17 2 L
Decontaminate civilians as well as insertion personnel with the PZ 17 2 L.
Due to its lengthwise partition, the tent is divided into 2 decontamination lines. These two lines provide sufficient space for separate showering of men and women. The shower units divide the tent into undressing, shower and dressing area. As each shower unit possesses a separate water supply, water amounts or temperature can be controlled individually. The colour coding if the passages in the tarpaulin (blue: water, red: heating or power, green: compressed air) provide practical orientation during deployment. The continuous catchment basin in the shower area prevents the transgression of liquid into the rest of the tent. If required, simply connect the Universal Tent PZ 17 as an additional supply or accommodation tent to the PZ 17 2 L and thus extend the function scope.

Decontamination Tent PZ 40 3L

-> Ready to use in only 5 minutes

–> Optimised room layout

–> For up to 12 persons at a time

–> Also for injured persons in horizontal position
Safe and quick mass decontamination.
Every minute counts in an emergency. Decontaminate large numbers of people in a short time. With two longitudinal separation walls, the tent can be divided into 3 decontamination lines. Use the middle line (1.85 m / 5.93 ft. wide) for decontamination of injured persons in horizontal position, the two outer lines (1.62 m / 5.18 ft. wide) offer enough space for separate showering of men and women.

The shower units divide the tent into areas for undressing, showering and dressing. Since every shower unit has its own water supply, the quantity and temperature of water can be controlled individually. The colour coding of the duct openings in the tent provides practical orientation (blue: water, red: heating or electricity, green: compressed air).

A one-piece collection tub in the shower area prevents liquids from pouring into the tent. To extend the functionality of the PZ 40 3 L, you can easily connect PZ 30 and PZ 40 universal tents and use them as additional supply or accommodation units.

Decontamination Showers 

–> Setup in less than 40 seconds

–> Self-erecting

–> Easy to integrate in a decontamination line

–> Extensive pro-equipment

The mobile decon unit for quick missions.
Vetter decontamination showers are specially tailored to your mission. Light and mobile, they fit on every emergency vehicle.

The fronting basin prevents the spread of contaminated liquids. Clever magnetic fasteners for quick opening and closing of the shower curtain save valuable time in emergencies. With the integrated gloves, you can safely clean contaminated persons from outside. The raised support frame of our decontamination showers allows ergonomic posture while working.

Eight movable shower nozzles at various heights guarantee complete cleaning. After cleaning, contaminated liquids can be drained from the inlaid basin without using a submersible pump.
With their robust overall construction and special abrasion-resistant undersides, Vetter decontamination showers are especially durable. Extended by an universal tent, the shower can also feature areas for dressing and undressing.
A compact alternative to the decon shower is the compact shower without fronting basin. On request, both showers are available only with gloves, only with drain or in the basic model without both features.

Tent Customising
We meet your requirements, quickly and individually.
Complete freedom of design for individual tents – you can only get that at Vetter. If you are looking for a tent that provides the best possible support for your mission and a standard tent won’t do the job, look no further than Vetter. We can produce a tent to match your wish configuration.
Your tent tailor
At Vetter, much is done by hand. That is why we can guarantee the utmost care and best quality, even for single series. Benefit from our decades of experience as experts for emergency pneumatics to realise the tent concept that is perfect for you.
Your options for individualization are infinite:

  • Fitting with insulation cover and / or inner tent
  • Transverse and longitudinal separation walls in any combination
  • Windows only with fly screens or with extra polyglass
  • Free choice of shape and number of windows and doors
  • Patented securing net
  • Floor removable (inside only) or completely detachable
  • Docking options for tents and containers
  • Extra duct openings for cables or heating
  • Ventilation hoods
  • Special colours and combinations to choose from
  • Special sizes on request
  • Custom lettering
  • The variations depicted here are only a selection of your options. Is the one you imagine missing?
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