Rebel Attack Hose

Rebel Attack Hose 
Angus Rebel attack hose, is a first responder firefighting hose that can withstand flames and heat in excess of 850°C, outperforming all standard attack hose.
Its unique performance provides first responder firefighters with assured safety knowing any damage is not immediately catastrophic rather pin hole, giving warning and time to escape with a continuous water supply to the nozzle.
With Rebel’s flame resistant qualities and high visibility, it provides a clear route out of the building with the potential to save lives.


Rebel survives hours exposed to 360° direct flame and showed no loss of performance whilst continuously immersed in temperatures exceeding 850°C.


Rebel Attack Hose is an innovative fire hose that dramatically increases firefighter safety when tackling a fire. Unlike other hoses, Rebel is fire-resistant, not just resistant to heat. This allows firefighters to be sure of a reliable water flow when in an extreme firefighting situation whether within buildings or tackling a wildfire. As an attack hose, Rebel is designed to survive the harshest conditions, in situations such as personnel rescue, where firefighters have no choice but to enter high risk areas. This outperforms all other fire hoses on the market and, in life-threatening situations, provides unparalleled reliability to allow a safe retreat for the firefighter.

Standards – Triple Safety Standard

Rebel attack hose is unique and the first of its kind. The existing recognised standards were not designed to measure the exceptional and unique qualities of Rebel hose. As such, the ‘Triple Safety Standard’ provides a better assessment of the Rebel hose performance. Rebel attack hose passes each test with ease


Compatible for use with all major international coupling systems including:
• Storz
• Instantaneous
• Symetrique
• Expansion Ring NH


• Interior first attack hose
• Municipal firefighting
• Forest Fires and Wildfires
• Aviation
• Waste facilities
• Mining
To truly appreciate the performance of Angus Rebel attack hose, it must be seen to be believed. If you are interested in a demonstration, at your site or ours:
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