Helmets / Hoods

In addition to the jacket and trouser, a firefighter’s personal protection also depends on the careful selection of head, hand and foot protection. Bristol supplies a range of firefighter helmets and flash hoods which have been carefully selected and tested for compatibility with the other garments to be used. A special compatibility area within our technical and design department allows firefighters to check the all-round suitability of the complete ensembles being selected for use.

Firefighters Helmet – Gallet F1XF – HEL24 / HEL26

  • Clear visor
  • Manufactured to EN443: 2008
  • Medium size 52 to 62, order code HEL24YE (colour – Yellow)
  • Large size 57 to 65, order code HEL26YE (colour – Yellow)
  • Available in colours: White, Yellow, Red, Black, Hi-Viz Yellow, Hi-Viz Orange, Grey, Blue, Photoluminescent
  • Optional extras: gold visor, integrated lighting module
Firefighters Helmet Heros Xtreme – HEL23

  • High impact and penetration resistant helmet shell
  • Easily adjustable helmet size from outside
  • Face shield and eye protection visor
  • Manufactured to EN443: 2008
  • Available in colours: White, Red, Blue, Black, Luminous, Yellow


Firefighters Helmet NFPA – HEL12

  • Manufactured from fibre glass
  • Three point rear ratchet height adjustment to fit all sizes
  • Adjustable front headband
  • Manufactured to NFPA 1971
  • Supplied complete with visor
  • Available in colours: Yellow and White
Rescue Helmet -Gallet F2 X-Trem – Hel16

  • High temperature polycarbonate vented shell
  • Ratchet quick adjustment system
  • Clear safety goggles (EN166)
  • Manufactured to EN397
  • Available in colours: White, Red, Yellow, Blue



  • Manufactured from Pbi Gold outer with Aramid Viscose inner
  • Breathable and wickable fabric
  • Universal size
  • Manufactured to BS EN13911: 2004



  • Manufactured from double-layer Carbonised Fibre/Para Aramid Blend
  • Breathable and wickable fabric
  • Universal size
  • Manufactured to BS EN13911: 2004


Flash Hood NFPA – HOOD7

  • Manufactured from 40% P84 / 60% Lenzing
  • Balaclava style
  • Colour – Yellow
  • Manufactured to NFPA 1971: 2013 Edition


Helmet Covers – UNM77 / UNM106

  • The helmet covers are designed to be fitted over fire helmets when being used in hot fire training. These are available in a range of outer fabrics.
  • ​The covers are designed to fit specific helmets as follows:

Helmet Cover UNM77 – HEL14/15
Helmet Cover UNM106 – HEL23

  • Helmet covers can be made for other helmets
Helmet Bag – UNM92 CT1NA

  • Helmet bag to store/carry helmet safely
  • Drawstring closure with toggle
  • Will hold all helmets in this brochure


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