Helmets / Hoods

In addition to the jacket and trouser, a firefighter’s personal protection also depends on the careful selection of head, hand and foot protection. Bristol supplies a range of firefighter helmets and flash hoods which have been carefully selected and tested for compatibility with the other garments to be used. A special compatibility area within our technical and design department allows firefighters to check the all-round suitability of the complete ensembles being selected for use.

Firefighters Helmet – Gallet F1XF – HEL24 / HEL26

  • Clear visor
  • Manufactured to EN443: 2008
  • Medium size 52 to 62, order code HEL24YE (colour – Yellow)
  • Large size 57 to 65, order code HEL26YE (colour – Yellow)
  • Available in colours: White, Yellow, Red, Black, Hi-Viz Yellow, Hi-Viz Orange, Grey, Blue, Photoluminescent
  • Optional extras: gold visor, integrated lighting module
Firefighters Helmet Heros Xtreme – HEL23

  • High impact and penetration resistant helmet shell
  • Easily adjustable helmet size from outside
  • Face shield and eye protection visor
  • Manufactured to EN443: 2008
  • Available in colours: White, Red, Blue, Black, Luminous, Yellow


Firefighters Helmet NFPA – HEL12

  • Manufactured from fibre glass
  • Three point rear ratchet height adjustment to fit all sizes
  • Adjustable front headband
  • Manufactured to NFPA 1971
  • Supplied complete with visor
  • Available in colours: Yellow and White
Rescue Helmet -Gallet F2 X-Trem – Hel16

  • High temperature polycarbonate vented shell
  • Ratchet quick adjustment system
  • Clear safety goggles (EN166)
  • Manufactured to EN397
  • Available in colours: White, Red, Yellow, Blue


Gallet F2XR
With over 30 years of leadership in technical rescue and wildland fire helmets, MSA introduces the GALLET F2XR, its new multifunctional advanced rescue helmet.
Its comfort, versatility and ultimate integration of accessories make the F2XR the perfect head protection solution for a variety of applications, such as Wildland Firefighting, Technical Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, Road Traffic Accidents,Rescue at Height and Water Rescue.
Gallet F1 XF
Developed with firefighters from around the globe, the Gallet F1 XF sets the new standard for structural firefighting helmets.It enters a new dimension of protection, functionalities integration, comfort of use and modularity.The configurable design makes the Gallet F1 XF fire helmet the perfect fit for various interventions such as structural and outdoor fires, technical rescue operations and road traffic accidents.

  • Manufactured from Pbi Gold outer with Aramid Viscose inner
  • Breathable and wickable fabric
  • Universal size
  • Manufactured to BS EN13911: 2004



  • Manufactured from double-layer Carbonised Fibre/Para Aramid Blend
  • Breathable and wickable fabric
  • Universal size
  • Manufactured to BS EN13911: 2004


Flash Hood NFPA – HOOD7

  • Manufactured from 40% P84 / 60% Lenzing
  • Balaclava style
  • Colour – Yellow
  • Manufactured to NFPA 1971: 2013 Edition


BRISTOLHOOD1 PBI Gold Outer and Aramid Viscose Inner

  • Breathable and wickable fabric
  • Universal size

BRISTOLHOOD2 Double layer Carbonised Fibre/Para Aramid Blend

  • Breathable and wickable fabric
  • Universal size

BRISTOLHOOD5 Triple layer hood, PBI Gold with 2 layers of Aramid Viscose.

  • Breathable and wickable fabric, offering increased thermal protection

Flash Hood NFPA – HOOD7

  • Manufactured from 40% P84 / 60% Lenzing
  • Balaclava style
  • Colour – Yellow


  • Nomex NanoFlex has been specifically developed to prevent contamination from potentially harmful particles.
  • The new material is flame-resistant with superior particle barrier performance, but is also highly breathable, thin and light-weight – essential characteristics for the prevention of heat stress, and for improving comfort.
  • Proven to be 99.8% efficient at filtering harmful smoke particles

Markets: Fire Service, Mining, Oil & Gas, General Industry

Applications: Firefighting, Search & Rescue

Helmet Covers – UNM77 / UNM106

  • The helmet covers are designed to be fitted over fire helmets when being used in hot fire training. These are available in a range of outer fabrics.
  • ​The covers are designed to fit specific helmets as follows:

Helmet Cover UNM77 – HEL14/15
Helmet Cover UNM106 – HEL23

  • Helmet covers can be made for other helmets
Helmet Bag – UNM92 CT1NA

  • Helmet bag to store/carry helmet safely
  • Drawstring closure with toggle
  • Will hold all helmets in this brochure


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