Sealing Leaks

Sealing Leaks
Fast response to prevent environmental damage
Leak Sealing Bags

1. Sealing leaks in tanks
2. For containers with min. diameter of 50 cm (20 inch)
3. Sealing area up to 86 x 57 cm (34 x 22 inch)
Reliable sealing of large areas.
Every minute counts when hazardous liquids escape from tanks, pipes or drums. Vetter leak sealing bags are quick and easy to inflate using a foot pump. Thanks to even pressure distribution, the structures around the liquid discharge area are protected and the danger that the leak gets bigger is reduced. All leak sealing bags come with a heavy-duty acid protection cover. Thanks to a pre-fabricated belt slots, the cover does not need to be removed during use or storage. The protective cover has an extra belt pocket, so you always have the right tools ready to hand.
Extend the life of your leak sealing bags by using the supplied sealing plates for sharp-edged leaks.

Mini leak sealing bags

1. Quickly attached with Velcro belt
2. Delivered in practical case
3. Up to 1.4 bar (20.3 psi) counterpressure
4. For containers with diameters 10 – 90 cm (4 – 35 inch)

The small and quick leak-stoppers.
Vetter mini leak sealing bags are ideal for leaks in small containers with a diameter between 10 and 90 cm (4 and 35 inch). The mini leak sealing bags securely seal liquids and gases, are easy to attach and provide a quick solution in emergencies. The maximum working pressure of 1.5 bar (21.75 psi) is soon reached with just a few strokes of the foot pump – and the container is sealed. Quick and safe Velcro fasteners on the metal-free tension belts make light work of attaching the sealing bags – even in difficult positions.

Leak Sealing Lance (1.5 bar / 21/75 PSI)
1. Ready to use in seconds
2. Only one person required for setup
3. For sealing cracks and holes
4. Ensures safe distance from leak

The quick fix for sealing leaks.
When you’re the first person on the rescue site, the Vetter leak sealing lance enables you to act quickly. With no assistance required, you can seal small leaks in storage tanks, tank trucks or wagons in seconds and from a safe distance. By using the wedge and cone bags at the tip of the leak sealing lance, you will effectively reduce the volume flow rate at cracks measuring 15 – 60 mm (0.6 – 2.3 inch) and holes measuring 30 – 90 mm (1.2 – 3.5 inch). Anti-slip profiles on the bags ensure a good grip. The device with its simple design provides an invaluable quick-fix which will buy you time to put further measures in place.

Leak sealing bandages

  • Sealing area up to 38 cm (15 inch) wide
  • Belts fixed directly on bag
  • For pipes with diameters 5 – 48 cm (2 – 19 inch)
  • Up to 1.4 bar (20.3 psi) counterpressure

    Seal pipes in an instant.
    Sudden leaks in pipelines can be sealed in an instant with Vetter leak sealing bandages. Like this, you are always ready for action when an emergency arises. The leak sealing bandages can easily be handled completely on intuition even in first-time use: Wrap bandage around pipeline, tension the belt and inflate the bag. That’s all there is to it!

High-pressure leak sealing system

High-pressure leak sealing system
Intelligent hose system for complicated pipe leaks.


  • Innovation from Vetter
  • Sealing in difficult-to-access places
  • For leaks in pipes with diameter up to 20 cm (8 inch)
    Intelligent hose system for complicated pipe leaks.
    In close collaboration with Henkel KGaA, Dusseldorf, Vetter has developed an intelligent sealing hose system. Now you can effortlessly access even hard-to-reach leaks in narrow or unevenly shaped piping systems.The flexible hoses fit perfectly even over complicated leaks, e.g. at T-pieces, pipe bends, connecting branches and welded seams. The hoses are inflated in seconds.
Leak sealing paste
Leak sealing paste
The easy way to seal valve connectors and flanges.

Easy to apply
Good resistance to chemicals
seals immediately fast and easy
The easy way to seal valve connectors and flanges.

Leaking chemicals pose a serious danger to people and the environment.
Vetter leak sealing pastes are ideal when immediate action is needed to seal leaks. For the smallest valve connectors and flanges or for receptacles such as tanks, barrels, and containers, Vetter leak sealing pastes seal leaks quickly and easily. You avoid further leakage and win valuable time for proper disposal or removal of hazardous materials by specialists.

Pipe Sealing Sleeves

  • Up to 16 bar (232 psi) counterpressure
  • Also suitable for long-term use
  • For pipes between ½“ and 4“
  • Supplied in compact transport case

    Durable leak seal for high-pressure pipes.
    Vetter pipe sealing sleeves reliably seal high-pressure lines with pressure up to 16 bar (232 psi) and can also withstand aggressive liquids. A simple and fully mechanical solution. The sealing sleeves contained in the set will equip you for the most common pipe sizes from DN 15 (15 mm/0.6 inch) to DN 100 (100 mm/3.9 inch).It couldn’t be simpler:

    Gently bring the seal and sleeve close to the leak,
    place the sleeve over the leak and tighten with the Allen key
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