Elkhart Handline Nozzles

Handline Nozzles

XD Smooth Bores
Taking the classic smooth bore tip to the next level with easy to read markings, added knurling for increased grip, and a durable neoprene bumper.Short Barrels, Long Barrels, and Stacks available

  • Guaranteed to have a size to match up with any hose type
  • Twelve different bumper colors to choose from on select models

XD Shutoffs
Built for Xtreme Duty use with a forged metal bale handle, full round metal ball, and laser etched markings. Customize these shutoffs with your logo and twelve different handle insert colors.

  • 1.0″, 1.5″ and 2.5″ models for any application
  • Integrated smooth bores available to build the ultimate break-apart
  • Perfectly aligned waterway for unmatched stream quality






Chief XD

The choice for fixed flow fog nozzles, the Chief XD is an absolute workhorse. Available in a variety of flow rates and pressures down to 50 psi (3.5 BAR).

  • Forged metal bale handle
  • No stickers to peel off or scratch
  • You choose: Spinning metal teeth or fixed molded urethane teeth






Select-O-Matic XD

Maximizing reach and stream quality based on available water supply the Select-O-Matic XD nozzle line of automatic nozzles will flow reliably until their last day in service.

  • Unique outside of the waterway spring design requires ZERO lubrication
  • Go high flow / low pressure with a 75 psi (5 BAR) version
  • Pick with a one-piece model or tip only version and pair it with an XD Shutoff
Phantom XD
If selectable flow is your choice, then choose the Phantom XD. Positive interlocking, robust tactile selection grips ensure that choosing the desired flow rate won’t be a problem even in the harshest conditions.

  • The most durable selectable flow nozzle on the market
  • Wide range of models to have your target flow covered
  • Choose from 75 psi (5 BAR)and 100 psi (7 BAR) versions
Forestry & Wildland 
Not your “throw away” type nozzles our rugged Wildland nozzles built to perform season after season.

  • Single and Dual Flow options
  • Quick action twist designs
  • All metal designs with no plastic

Mystery Handline 
Not your “throw away” type nozzles, our rugged wildland products are built to perform season-after-season for your engine crew. They are built of lightweight aluminum, and the pattern can be selected with a quick action twist.

Industrial & Electrical Fog 
Elkhart Brass industrial handline and electrical fog nozzles are designed for deployments by industrial fire brigades in refineries, chemical plants, office complexes and other on-site emergency situations. These nozzles are designed or aggressive industrial environment, and most comply with the current edition of the UL 401 standard.

  • Most models are UL Listed to current edition of the UL401 standard for combating class A & B fire
  • Flush feature enables debris passage through the nozzle with no adverse effect on the functionality of the nozzle
  • Knurled grip ensures fast deployment and shutoff of the nozzle

Elkhart Brass marine handline nozzles are designed for use in marine firefighting applications. These nozzles can stand up to aggressive marine environments, utilize military grade components, and are constructed of marine grade brass. They are suitable for use with AFFF foam for the shipping industry, refineries, offshore rigs, and military applications. Many of them meet the stringent performance requirements of the U. S. Navy and/or U. S. Coast Guard, and are FM Approved.

  • 85 brass construction with a lower level of zinc for outstanding resistance to corrosion
  • Heavy-duty manganese/bronze horseshoe shutoff handle
  • Constant flow rate from straight steam to wide fog
  • Acetal ball with self-adjusting UHMWPE seat
  • Flush without shutting down

Special Use Nozzle
Special circumstances call for special use nozzles. Challenging and stubborn fires are no match for our offering of special use nozzles.

  • Pick a cellar or distributor nozzles for wide patterns and big flows
  • Our bent tip and horizontal void nozzle gets water where others can’t
  • The floor below nozzle offers alternative stream positioning when it’s time to move to Plan B
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