Master Stream

5000E & SM-10FE
This line of nozzles has been created for specific challenges such as water flow limitations and protection needs of wildland firefighting, dust abatement, de-icing, etc. The 5000E & SM-10FE can be used in conjunction with smaller monitors such as the Sidewinder®. They deliver constant flow — straight stream, narrow fog (30°) or wide fog (90°) — with spinning teeth. Either automatic or fixed-flow nozzle types are available. The motor (12V or 24V DC available) is totally enclosed and sealed, and manual override is standard. Both master stream nozzles in this category feature lightweight Elk-O-Lite® construction with hard anodized finish and are AFFF compatible.
Elkhart’s R.A.N.™ is designed to operate at higher flows with lower pressure, in conjunction with the R.A.M. The R.A.N.’s integral stream shaper reduces weight and bulk. The 2 ½” constant flow nozzle with straight stream, narrow fog (30°) or wide fog (90°) also has quick turn capabilities to go from straight stream to full fog and is compatible with foam concentrate.
The 6000 Series is a line of selectable flow, electrically actuated master stream nozzles featuring an ultra-wide flow range with a quick-turn, locking, flow selector ring. The electric actuators allow precise pattern control from straight stream to wide fog.
Although useful in many situations, the 6000 Series has been designed for optimal performance with the Sidewinder EXM.
X-Stream® nozzles automatically adjust to maintain effective stream and maximum reach at variable or reduced flows. It is calibrated at lower pressures — for better suitability to real world conditions. This nozzle has constant flow — straight stream, narrow fog (30°) or wide fog (90°) — with hydrodynamic vanes and hub for increased flow efficiency. It is excellent with foam applications. Models are available for use in hazardous locations and for gas mitigation. Electric motors and connectors are completely sealed with manual overrides, while manual models have large handles for easy stream pattern management. Corrosion-resistant brass nozzles, for industrial applications, have satin brass finish while Elk-O-Lite® nozzles have a hard anodized finish.
The Select-O-Stream® master stream nozzle is a constant flow nozzle — straight stream, narrow fog (30°) or wide fog (90°). It is flow-efficient with a fully machined waterway for excellent stream quality. Elk-O-Lite® nozzles are hard anodized with chrome-plated trim and corrosion-resistant brass nozzles and have a satin brass finish. Select-O-Stream® comes with large handles which allow for easy stream pattern management, grease zerk for easy lubrication of tip threads and a heavy-duty protective rubber bumper. It is foam compatible and available FM rated.
As indicated in its name, the Select-O-Flow® nozzle features a selectable flow rate, changeable even during flowing conditions, and is a constant flow nozzle — straight stream, narrow fog (30°) or wide fog (90°). It is flow-efficient with a fully machined waterway for excellent stream quality. Select-O-Flow® is constructed of an Elk-O-Lite® nozzle, hard anodized with chrome-plated trim and rubber bumper. Corrosion-resistant brass nozzles have a heavy-duty protective rubber bumper. It has low maintenance components and is foam compatible.
Mystery® is the original master stream fog nozzle created for industrial applications. This nozzle is a combination nozzle — straight stream, narrow fog (30°) or wide fog (90°). The J and JN nozzles feature variable flow from shut-off to wide fog. The CJK nozzle is a constant flow nozzle. Mystery® comes with low maintenance components and convenient grease zerks.
With the Hydro-Foam® line of self-educting master stream nozzles, Elkhart laid the groundwork for turning any monitor into a foam station without the use of additional equipment. Our Hydro-Foam nozzles have evolved to include not only the original brass or Elk-O-Lite® nozzles but also our X-Stream® nozzles that combine self-educting ability with the convenience of automatic metering. And, the HF13, a brass nozzle available with a proportioning valve or proportion disc. For more information on these easy to use nozzles please review the materials in the multimedia section below.
Self-Educting Nozzle Accessories
Elkhart offers everything from Drum Pick-Up Kits to Shut-Off Valves for Self-Educting Master Stream nozzles.
Catalog- Self-Educting Nozzle Accessories
Fixed System
Designed for use in fixed system applications. Adjustable nozzles can be pre-set at the factory or set in the field at time of installation. The fog pattern, which can be set up to 120°, can easily be set or adjusted at the job site.
Foam Expansion Tubes
Lightweight composite foam tubes are corrosion-resistant and easy to handle with bases that snap securely onto the nozzle in seconds. The foam tubes are specifically designed to require no alteration of the nozzle itself for use. The base of the tube includes large air intakes; expansion rates are easily varied with nozzle pattern.
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