Handline Nozzle

Handline Nozzle
Innovative new products, an impressive list of safety features and a record of uncompromised quality and reliability make Elkhart nozzles the industry standard for firefighting nozzles
XD Series

The XD series nozzle line takes the industry standard for handline nozzles to a whole new level. Available in in the fixed flow Chief XD, XD shutoffs, and XD Smooth Bores, they are built tough like no other nozzle for Xtreme Duty, or XD. The XD series nozzles are the only ones to offer a forged shutoff body and forged metal bale handle for maximum strength. They feature as standard, a full round metal ball for the best stream performance and ergonomic grip inserts help with handling that can be color coded. All indicators and markings are laser etched, with no labels to peel off or scratch. Their durability and efficiency ensures an embedded level of safety for you and your crew, fire after fire.


Fixed-flow Chief™ nozzles efficiently deliver a constant gallonage from straight stream to full fog. The simple, rugged design makes the Chief™ easy to use and train with and reliable in tough situations. Superior hydraulics, due to a fully machined waterway, result in excellent stream quality and reach. The Chief™ is also available in true low pressure versions with specifically engineered, calibrated and labeled stems down to 50 psi. With more than 300 available variations, the Chief™ is easily customized to meet your specific needs.

Pressure-regulating Select-O-Matic® nozzles automatically adjust to fluctuating water flow to maintain effective pressure and a consistent fire stream in all flow ranges. Our patented, completely unobstructed waterway allows more GPM at lower pressures than any competitive brand. All models flush easily without shutting down and provide constant flow on either fog or straight stream, making them ideal for the application of AFFF foam. Corrosion-resistant; no lubrication required.

The selectable gallonage Phantom® nozzle lets the firefighter select the appropriate flow. The wide selection range standard with the Phantom® makes it one nozzle for every use, from brush to interior attack. The Phantom® is designed for reliable performance with rugged metal selector ring and dual drive metal ball shut-off. Available standard in 100 psi and true 75 psi models.

**NEW** 60 GPM flow setting on all 1.5” Phantom Handline Nozzles! This increases the Phantom’s selectable flow settings to now include: 30/60/95/125/150/200 GPM. Making it the best selectable gallonage handline for any situation!

Select-O-Flow®, the original selectable gallonage nozzle, is similar in function to the Phantom® — allowing the firefighter to select the appropriate flow. The Select-O-Flow® range goes as high as 250 GPM.
The Mystery® nozzle incorporates a twist-type shut-off; opening in straight stream and producing a flow from straight stream to wide fog. In combination with a B-375A ball shut-off, the Mystery® nozzle promotes an extremely convenient method of advancing hoselines. Simply close the ball shut-off, remove the Mystery® tip, attach additional hose and then reattach the tip at the end of the line. The tip’s built-in shut-off allow for the line to be advanced rapidly without bringing in an additional nozzle.
An industry standard for over 40 years, the Select-O-Stream® delivers constant gallonage at every pattern level, from straight stream to full fog. The rugged all brass construction with chrome finish has a proven record of standing up to corrosive conditions. The variety of available GPM options with the Select-O-Stream® allows for customized choices to match the needs of fire professionals.
Industrial & Electrical Fog

Our industrial fog nozzles were created to handle the rigors of industrial needs in refineries, chemical plants, office complexes and other on-site situations. Several different materials are available to suit every need, and most nozzles are U.L. listed and/or FM approved. The fog nozzles with the electrical specification are designed to be used on class “C” hazards and utilize only fog capabilities in combating blazes at 10’ or more from live electrical equipment and/or circuits with voltage up to 250,000. All other industrial fog nozzles can be used in either straight stream or fog combinations.

These handline nozzles are specifically designed and manufactured for the unique firefighting challenges of a marine environment. They utilize military spec, corrosion-resistant cast brass construction and are ideal for the application of AFFF. The constant flow technology, combined with their durable construction, make them optimal for use in the shipping industry, in refineries, and for off-shore drilling or production rigs – as well as within chemical complexes.
Ball Shut-offs & Playpipes
Elkhart Brass Ball Shut-offs and Playpipes are designed and constructed for rugged use and reliable performance, as well as providing an excellent foundation for your break-apart nozzle needs. Elkhart Brass Ball Shut-offs and Playpipes are available with a variety of options, including built-in smooth bores which can be used with a fog nozzle tip for maximum versatility.
Smooth Bore & Deluge Tips
For maximum reach, smooth bore tips create concentrated waterflow for use with either handlines or monitors, while using lower pressures of 50 or 80 psi. Elkhart offers a wide variety of discharge sizes to suit any need. Additionally, Elkhart’s stacked tips allow you to customize the smooth bore to meet your needs in the field.
Stream Shapers
Used to straighten a water flow, Elkhart Brass has stream shapers available in a variety of sizes and several materials to suit many situations. Our new mini stream shapers reduce bulk while still providing excellent stream. All Elkhart stream shapers feature replaceable vanes for easy repair.
Foam Expansion Tubes
When greater expansion rates of foam solution are needed, a foam aeration tube can be quickly attached to many of Elkhart Brass’ combination fog nozzles.
Special Use
Elkhart Brass delivers nozzles to suit every need: nozzles designed for the rigors of de-icing and forestry use, as well as nozzles for specialized applications such as decontamination and street cleaning.
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